Monday, January 8, 2007

I Heart You

I know Valentines is a long way off but it's never too early to show some love. If you have been to Fred Flare's website recently you will have noticed that they have a whole new category for Valentines Day. Whether you buy these cute gifts for yourself or just to hint to your other half is up to you. Here are some adorable V'day picks:

On the left is possibly one of the most expensive items at Fred Flare. Weighing in at $100, it contrasts against all the cheap plastic jewelry. I just adore this necklace! Tinkerbell and Swarovski all in the same piece... wow! On the right are the Dooney and Bourke rainboots which are interesting- hey, you gotta stay cute even when its raining! This particular "cuteness" comes at a price of $95.
Oh how I adore the Marc by Marc Jacobs heart print jumper from Shop Bop... Me thinks it would go nicely with the rainboots, but maybe thats just me being a bit nutty. And the gorgeous locket from Macys is one of my definite favourites!! Too cute - even if it does cost $60!


coco said...

i love the dress its so cute.

S. said...

I usually don't do cute but, I admit it, love the boots and dress.

By the way, I will NEVER wear crocs! I hate them as much as Birkenstocks. There are other ways to be comfortable!

Tru said...

beautiful you want to exchange links?