Thursday, January 11, 2007

Juicy Ballerina

I can actually imagine that printed on the front of a Juicy Couture tee, especially after I saw these ballet flats from their new S/S07 shoe collection.

The bag comes with the pair free - or rather the pair comes with the bag. Whilst the shoes are absolutely gorgeous, the bag somehow upstages them. I feel that the 'Juicy Couture' scribbled all over the shoes detracts from their beauty. They cost $150 from eLuxury, but the gold ones have sold out *sob*.

Juicy ballet class anyone?


Anonymous said...

i would love to wear those to ballet! except my teacher wouldnt be to happy because my shoes would be the prettiest!

Ellie :) said...

Hey! Do you know where I can find thiese now? I have them, and my best friend loves them. And I want to get them for her birthday. Please Xxxx