Friday, July 27, 2007

Gossip Girl

Yay! Just what everyone needed, another gossipy tv series where everyone isnt what they seem and we spend the whole few seasons that it lasts finding out about the character's tangled webs of lies. Strangely enough though, I find myself wanting to know more and I seriously hope that this comes to TV here in little New Zealand sometime soon.
Oh and BTW, the Clique movie is coming out in 2008 too, yet another book-turned-movie.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Nu-rave can hardly be considered a "Nu-trend" as it's been around for quite awhile and is possibly even "old" already. I know many of you hate the trend (along with the people that wear it) but I find the allure of fluro colours and House of Holland style tees a bit too tempting... It made me think, though, maybe there is something more to nu-rave than what Topshop has already done.

And sure enough, I found these tops in Supre (an Australian shop, but never fear, you can order these HOH wannabes online). They aren't exactly pricey ($AU20, which works out to be less in $US). There are heaps of other slogans on the different tops, including "I X'd-out-heart my ex", "I heart my girlfriend" and "I heart Myspace" as well as some tree hugging "Global warming is NOT cool" type tees.

You like?