Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Best Beauty Splurges

One of my New Year's resolutions is to pamper myself more often so I did a bit of looking around and I found some really cool beauty products from stores like Sephora. A lot of these products are limited editions, so get in fast! Here are my top 2007 beauty splurges:

Yum! The new Philosophy fruit stand collection is just that. These wonderful shower gels, shampoos and even coconut body milk are just the right way to start your day. Why do you need them? Because everyone wants apple scented hair! You can buy them at Sephora.

The new Tokidoki for Smashbox collection looks very promising! If their LeSportsac bags were anything to go by, these products will be a hit! They aren't cheap, but are a perfect beauty splurge. You can find them at Sephora as well.
The Juicy Couture beauty collection started out with the perfume and has expanded to a whole lot of different products including a caviar bath soak (on the right). All the items come in beautiful packaging fit for a princess! You can find these at Neiman Marcus.
Perfume bottles or works of art - you decide. The KenzoAmour EDT comes in three sizes and would look perfect next to all your other beauty products and perfumes. They are exclusive to Nordstrom and will leave you smelling gorgeous!


*cAt* said...

oooh, i love the perfume bottles. they're so mod looking. and philosphy is great. i have the raspberry sorbet (not from this collection, and it's great!)


all of this makeup is making me jealous! i adore philosophy! i have the body wash in vanilla cupcake and its soo amazing. and ill link you to my blog asap!

Regina and Renee said...

one of my many new years resolutions was to pamper myself more too....and now maybe this resolution will come true after all! love the blog! we just started one....not exactly a fashion one, but u never kno wut we might post! ill keep checking up on this one!!!

Sarah said...

i really like those perfume bottles, at least when they're done, you can still keep them as decoration.

S. said...

I usually don't care about products like these but the Philosphy packaging is great. Simple to the point and yummy looking.