Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes 2007

A night full of clapping, acceptance speeches and stylish dresses - what's not to love about the Globes? Right now I'm being a true female and multitasking by watching the show live, typing this post and searching for red carpet pics from E! Online - so not as easy as it sounds! My favourite three looks are:

3. Cameron Diaz - I almost thought she was Nicole Richie for a split second, the once bubbly blonde has joined the masses of a-listers to go brunette.
2. Sienna Miller - There's just something about this dress and the way in which Sienna wears it. Very glamorous!

And my favourite look of the Golden Globes 07 is:
Emily Blunt - This Devil Wears Prada actress looks amazing in this dress. She can expect lots of great things in her future.

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