Friday, December 29, 2006

Why the frown?

It's official. I have found the cutest bags on the internet. Totes, purses and messengers, all handmade by 17 year old Danielle LaFleur for her label 'Why the frown?' Each bag is original and you can even ask Danielle to custom make your own. I thought that this sounded fantastic, so I asked Danielle for an interview.

Duckie messenger bag - $45 (my personal fave!)

The Interview

How old were you when you started sewing bags and when did you decide to start your own label?
Danielle: I started sewing when I was about 10, I know, that is a little later than some other fashion designers- but I was afraid of the sewing machine! My first experiments with bags started about 3 years ago when I sewed a homecoming dress and used the leftover fabric to sew a clutch.
Do you have any rolemodels? If yes, who?
D: My mom. She is amazing and has always behind me 100% in everything I do. She encouraged me to follow my dreams in designing... Plus she didn't mind that I basically stole her sewing machine and used it at various hours of the night
What are your dreams for your label? Are you going to expand it or just stick to bags?
D: I would like it to be a label that people instantly recognize, that would be awesome. I am planning on expanding it, but for now bags are keeping me very busy.
For your first ever ad campaign, who would you get to model the bags?
D: I think I will stick to using real girls that don't normally model, after all they are the consumers. I also think it would be a positive example for girls.
On average, how long does it take to make one bag?
D: It takes anywhere between 4 and 6 hours depending on the bag. Everything has to be cut out and it takes a while to sew on the felt appliques.
If you had to choose one shop to exclusively stock your label, what shop would it be?
D: That's a toughie, I think FredFlare and I would be a good match

Check out Danielle's website here