Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gadgets and Gizmos

A decade ago, computers were for nerds and cellphones were unsightly bricks. Today however, there is a whole new type of consumer - the fashion conscious (like you and I). This has caused companies to redesign their products and make them fashionable. I have chosen some of my favourite chic gadgets and listed them below.

"Ew! Pre-owned? What's so chic about that?" I can imagine you cringing at the thought of a pre-owned iPod, but these ones are special - they have been customised by Colorware (and they come in the official colour of royalty - which is purple btw). In fact, Colorware customises many gadgets and their website has a 'design your own' feature too.

The fashion Gods (who go by the names "Dolce" and "Gabbana") have created their own versionof the ultra skinny, credit card sized Motorola RAZR cellphone. It comes in a stunning gold colour and it runs iTunes. All this comes at a price - $599 from Neiman Marcus.

You obviously have to listen to your iPod, and those white headphones are so yesterday, so what do you do? Target sells some very cute headphones and speakers that come in a very fashionable colour - pink! The headphones are $49.99 by V-Moda, the Orb speakers are $129.99 and the Mist 2 speakers are $49.99.

I hope everyone liked my first post!


Bojana said...

Awww I love those new iPods, the colors are fab. I want a pink one aaah

VMCA said...

i got an ipod from colorware like 2 years ago. i'm still the only person i know with one lol.