Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Nu-rave can hardly be considered a "Nu-trend" as it's been around for quite awhile and is possibly even "old" already. I know many of you hate the trend (along with the people that wear it) but I find the allure of fluro colours and House of Holland style tees a bit too tempting... It made me think, though, maybe there is something more to nu-rave than what Topshop has already done.

And sure enough, I found these tops in Supre (an Australian shop, but never fear, you can order these HOH wannabes online). They aren't exactly pricey ($AU20, which works out to be less in $US). There are heaps of other slogans on the different tops, including "I X'd-out-heart my ex", "I heart my girlfriend" and "I heart Myspace" as well as some tree hugging "Global warming is NOT cool" type tees.

You like?


illaine said...

haha I bought one of those slogan tees 2day. I don't think my bf will think it's funny if I wear it but wateva. It reads "drop her, pick me". U should be able to guess where I bought it from from the slogan alone.

Tay said...

PLEEEAASE don't buy these!!
i swear to god, the amount of people who have them over here in Aus is depressing.

everywhere you look, you see skanky 13 year olds with "I heart my boyfried" or "Dirty Dirty House Music" t's.
do they even know what house music is??
doubt it.

please don't encourage supre, seriously one of the WORST stores around.

allen said...

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